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Don't Hire a PPC Agency When You Can Work Directly With a Strategic Partner

Here's Why: 

  • I won't up-sell you services you don't need

  • I handle all client PPC work myself, meaning I never handoff client ad spend decisions to young associates or cheap outsourced offshore freelancers who have no stake in your success.

  • I am able to pivot strategies quickly with my clients based on realtime performance data. This is possible due to a complete lack of bureaucracy within my  streamlined processes.

  • I'm an independent business-owner myself, so I fully understand and empathize with your need to grow revenue along with the paramount importance of making your entire ad spend budget consistently work toward your objectives.

  • I have extensive experience in the space and apply vast knowledge of additional industries to bring unique perspective to the healthcare PPC space.

  • I don't require contacts beyond month-to-month. As a result, it is in my best interests to provide great results to all of my clients, all of the time.

  • and more...

Healthcare PPC Case Study

Healthcare PPC Case Study
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